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 Villa am Gutsweg
 Gutsweg 6
 D-07919 Mühltroff

 Tel 49 (0)36645 22224
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The Landhotel "Villa am Gutsweg" lies in Mühltroff (Vogtland), öeast of Schleiz (Thüringen), west of Plauen (Sachsen) and north of Hof (Bavaria).

Surrounded by unaffected nature with numerous moving and wheel driving possibilities as well as many interesting trip goals.
    - churches, e.g. the gotische mountain church at Schleiz, Annenkirche at Annaberg, ...
    - bridges, e.g. the Göltzschbrücke (largest clay brick bridge of the world), ...
    - locks & castles, e.g. Schloß Mühltroff, Schloß Voigtsberg in Oelsnitz, ...
    - museums, e.g. Schloß Burgk with silver man organ, Plauener Spitzenmuseum, ...
    - dams, e.g. the Bleilochtalsperre, dams in Pirk und Pöhl, ...
    - entertainment parks, e.g. fairy tale forest in Saalburg, recreational park Plohn, ...
    - experience baths and open-rir swimming pools, e.g. the Waikiki in Zeulenroda, ...
    - the oldest nature racing course of Germany "Schleizer Dreieck" (still one drives on)
    - the last windmill of the Vogtland at Syrau
    - unique experiences, like e.g. "Plauener Spitzenfest"
    - and much more...