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 Villa am Gutsweg
 Gutsweg 6
 D-07919 Mühltroff

 Tel 49 (0)36645 22224
 Fax 49 (0)36645 354655

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way to us

A4 - from Erfurt/Chemnitz
    bend on the Hermsdorfer cross toward Nuernberg (afterwards see A9)
A9 - from Nürnberg/Berlin
    - you drive off the departure Schleiz
    - after it direction Schleiz
    - then direction Plauen (B282/E49)
    - approx.. 15 km (10 min. travel time)
A72 - from Hof/Zwickau
    - you drive off Plauen south
    - now direction Plauen
    - in Plauen first direction Greiz
    - then always direction Schleiz
    - approx.. 30 km (45 min. travel time)
In Mühltroff auf Höhe der Tankstelle abbiegen...